Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cats on Saturday

Hi everyone, sorry for the posting delay!
We have been flat out here at the PRA working on two different tv pilots for Nickelodeon.

Here are some more pics of some of the background female felines from The Cat Piano. These four cats were designed by Makoto Koji, a talented artist/animator who is helping us out on the project.

In other news, we are happy to say we have a producer on board the project; Jessica Brentnall. Jessica in an experienced producer who has a production company, Magic Films (based in Sydney) who produce live action tv series and films. Jessica is helping us not only get a great narrator for the film but also to ensure it recieves all of the exposure it can in the industry, on the festival circuit and for the general public. We're really glad to have Jessica Brentnall and Magic Films aboard the team.

Also aboard the team will be Benjamin Speed ( an awesome Sydney-based composer and one-man musical dynamo who did the original scores for our last few films. We are really looking forward to see what Mr. Speed will come up with for the film later in the year.

Ari and myself have almost completed all of the storyboards for the film and we are really happy with how it looks and flows. Very soon (this week) we will post some storyboard pics for you.

As far as our narrator goes, we are still waiting on a 'yes' or 'no' but hopefully we'll have some exciting news in the coming month so please keep visting us and giving us your input and feedback. I'll leave you with another excerpt from the poem:

My town grew cold and bitter and so did it's denizens In icy hibernation was the once thumping heart Now seizing up, Freezing up Fires fuelled by fiddlewood and forgotten forty fives And I fuelled by the need to see this city resurrected Her ethereal humn's kiss now barely a beat upon my ear's lonely drum An eerie echoing from o'er the tide was all that was left to hear.


Alex Grigg said...

Haha, Makoto's drawings are great! I really look forward to seeing more artwork for this film!

Josh Bowman said...

Ha, this is looking frickin SWEET!