Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello and hajimemashite! (nice to meet you!)

My name is Makoto Koji and I am a member of the Cat Piano team. After graduating my animation degree in Griffith University Brisbane, I traveled south to animate on this project alongside the inspirational duo of Eddie and Ari.

We have once again been over due for a blog, so I will be filling in this evening to update you all on our progress.

Since my arrival I have been animating after hours alongside co-director Ari, who has taught me so much. It is a pleasure to be animating beautiful characters "traditionally" and I have found it very therapeutic. Eddie has now joined the animation team (making it three of us! YAY!) , to help us colour the Cat Piano world.

To help you visualize the process, I have drawn a picture!
(My camera is broken...)

The Cat Piano Animation Team!!!

Eddie in orange: colouring,
Ari in blue: animating on his cintiq
Me on a Piano....???

Although it may seem that everything is coming along, we are actually having many difficulties.
At this point in production it is vital to have a locked edit of the film.
We do not have one.... BUT!!!!

Ari has postponed his animation and is working hard on this edit as I speak/type.
He is confident that it will be completed soon and this should assist in speeding up the animation process.

We are aiming to post some animation tests as possible.
So please stay tuned!

Until next time, OYASUMINASAI!!! (Goodnight!)


Alex Grigg said...

haha, im really looking forward to the animation roughs. Keep us all updated

Chris said...

Hey peeps, just a quick question. How do you animate in photoshop? I'm guessing thats what you are using from the photo of Ari. I've always wanted to do animations in photoshop but can't figure it out. I mostly use Flash. Keep up the good work and I hope to see the cat piano soon.

Gemma Duffill said...

Looks beautiful, I look forward to seeing the completed film. Hope it all falls together for you.

HÃ¥kon said...

Awesome. Envious of you getting to work on this...look really cool.

Looking forward to seeing the drawings move....hehe

Adele K Thomas said...

hey makoto! its adele...i look forward to more updates, i love the gritty bold colours & environments for this film!

Josh Bowman said...

@ Chris:

Photoshop CS3 has animation frames \^o^/

Mahesh Bisht said...

I would lov to see some animated work for this move...kinda of diff style..of animation..

Keeeep Animating

Maruna said...

Awwwww Looks great! Cant wait to see more stuff on it!