Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Touch of Halloween

As it's Halloween today we thought we'd post a piece of animation from The Cat Piano that had that a bit of a haunting Halloween flavour. This shot (uncoloured at the moment) of three young Von-Trapp-esque singing kittens being snatched by the shadowy kidnapper via a gramophone, was animated by Makoto. It's been quite an epic shot to finish, with it's different elements and characters, even though it is a short shot. I can't wait to see what the sound and music add to it's humour.

1 comment:

notanymike said...

I like it but there's just one thing which I'm a little concerned about...I see a take at the begining, but nothing to which they are reacting to... Does the gramophone make a strange sound, or shake, or anything that gets their (startled) attention before the hand comes out?