Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The last month has been an exciting one for The Cat Piano team. After the film made its world premiere at the 2009 Adelaide Film Festival we found out we won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film. This was a great start to the film's festival life.

Then came the big news. The Cat Piano has been selected in Official Competition at the Annecy International Animation Festival held in the picturesque alpine village Annecy in France. No short film of ours has ever been accepted into the short film competition so we were thrilled to finally b there. Over 1800 animations were entered into the festival and only 40 short films out of that were selected in competition. A group of ten of us; Myself and co-director Ari Gibson, Animators Makoto Koji, Alex Grigg and Benjamin Drake, Art Director, Jason Pamment and editor Jeremy Hill Brooks, will be heading over to the festival in early June to see it screen in the Big Kahuna of Animation Festivals. We congratulate the other Aussies to have something in the festival including Steve Baker with 'Dog with electric collar' in the panorama section and Darcy Prendergast with 'News!' also in the panorama. The PRA have also been selected in the TV special section with 'Ghastly Gourmet - Meat, Meat, Meat' directed by James Calvert and myself (Eddie White).

Here's a short trailer of the film.


freepianosheetmusic said...

I Love this! Joe x

Gatopardo said...

Three things that I love: cats, animation and Nick Cave. Unfortunately, I live in Mexico and I assume it will take centuries for your film to get here. Are you going to sell copies of it someday???

vitamin said...
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vitamin said...

i like cats and that's really interesting !!
Congrats =^.^=

i wonder when it will be released ?

Oliver said...

I had the chance to see the movie at Annecy Film festival this Thursday.
It was one of the very top best animations there: beautiful artwork and animation, catchy story, excellent voicing.
Please tell the whole team they did a marvelous work and that I and a lot of other people enjoyed it quite a lot.

Greatings from Annecy ^^

Carol Wyatt said...

this is beautiful!!

piono lessons said...

I just found your blog and am reading along and really enjoying it.